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Video Doorbell For Sale

One of the amazing digital trends these days is video doorbell. No wonder, lots of smart homeowners these days are investing in these products to enjoy its modern and innovative features.

Video doorbells are a new category for smart homes but have already become widespread and popular. These types of doorbells can come with built-in high-security cameras. With the video doorbells, your guests will just ring the buzzer just like what is normally do, but you will receive a push alert on your mobile phone and live video so you can take a look on whoever is there.

These doorbells are packed with features that standard doorbells do not have such as feature allowing you and your guests chat through a built in microphone and speaker. In some instances, video doorbells also function with smart locks; therefore, you can allow the person in without opening the door physically by yourself. But the majority of video doorbells these days are Wi-Fi enabled, but the video quality and designs, subscriptions for video storage vary a lot.

Factors to Look for When Buying Video Doorbells

There are factors to look for when buying video doorbells for your smart home, such as:

  • Compatibility with Smart Home Platform


Assuming this works well with smart home platforms, do they function well? These days, smart home gadgets and devices are expected to function with any primary smart home platforms.


  • Latency


How is the latency or inertness? If it requires some time to obtain push alert after somebody rings your doorbell, at that point you risked missing your guest totally. A similar scenario may even be applicable when the doorbell recognizes or detects movement. The motion sensor of most video doorbells can be set to just advise you regarding action occurring close to into the door even if nothing rings that buzzer.


If you’re faced with latency problems, Wi-Fi connection is a good starting point. If it is not really solid where the doorbell is installed, you should seriously think about moving it or obtaining Wi-Fi range yet, and it could likewise be how the product or software works.


  • Live View


Video Doorbell is commonly exposed to into direct sunlight. However, numerous others are positioned and installed underneath the porches near the shady trees in all types of setting. A camera must feature night vision and deal with various situations. This way, you can only get a product that is functioning well, and able to see faces under a dim light.

These are just a few of the critical factors to consider. If you wanted to invest in video doorbells, we are the company to trust. Here at OZSmartBuyz, we have a range of quality video doorbells and other related products such as video doorbell monitor intercom, a wireless video doorbell, smart wifi video intercom doorbell, and many more.

If you are looking for something that will look great in your smart home, we have a complete range of products to choose from.